Registry Defender

Registry Defender is a one click tool that scans, detects and fixes invalid registry entries (reference files for programs installed on the computer) in Windows.

If you're like most people, you've noticed that your computer seemed a lot faster when it was new. In many cases this is true. Registry errors collect over time. If you've installed programs or removed or uninstalled programs, odds are you may have dozens of errors in your Windows registry. These errors can slow down and hurt everyday tasks on your computer. Sometimes these silent errors become so troublesome that people will spend thousands of dollars to replace a perfectly good computer when a simple scan could fix everything!

If you've even remotely thought about buying a new computer, you should definitely try to clean up your current one first. Especially when you can check for errors completely free with Registry Defender!

Try Registry Defender now for free*

  • Removes old settings
  • Corrects system errors
  • Fixes invalid shortcuts
  • Erases invalid entries
  • Corrects missing links
  • Fixes uninstall errors
  • Corrects font problems
  • Driver incompatibility
  • And much more!

*Free trial of Registry Defender will only fix and repair 20 errors.